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So the people (I was included) who are struggling to find the Rare Elites on the Broken Shore:

If you would like way points on your map that lead to each Elite spawn location then carry on reading.

So you want to install 2 addons, don't worry you can google them yourself if you dont trust the links below
but the versions linked are guaranteed to work as it is how I managed the quest pretty quickly.

TomTom Waypoints


Do as you would do for any addons normally and load up the game, upon loading into the world you should
notice a big arrow now sits in the middle of your screen, if not, don't worry it soon will be.

Click on the icon shown in the image below, if you can't see it, it may be hidden under another icon on
your minimap so just drag them around till you find it.

A window will pop up like this

What you want to do now is copy the entire string of text below the line and paste it into that text box, you
can click [Paste & Close] to do it automatically or if you want to make sure it pastes first, paste it then click
close, you will now see lots of grey arrows on the edge of your minimap and green dots on your fullmap.
There you go, all Elite spawn locations on your map.
Once you have finished with it you can right click the TomTom arrow and select Remove all Waypoints and
your map will clear up.

/way 51.9, 78.2 Aqueux
/way 39.6, 28.9 Brood Mother Nix - found inside the cave
/way 78, 39 Brother Badatin - potentially need to loot chest to spawn
/way 60, 53 Corrupted Bonebreaker
/way 49, 38 Doombringer Zar'thoz - path begins 47,35
/way 57.8, 30.1 Dreadblade Annihilator
/way 41, 79 Dreadeye
/way 78.1, 27.9 Duke Sithizi
/way 51, 45 Emberfire - patrols
/way 67, 35 Eye of Gurgh - in cave at water level
/way 58.3, 49.6 Felbringer Xar'thok
/way 88.3, 29.8 Felcaller Zelthae
/way 39, 42 Felmaw Emberfiend - world quest objective
/way 39.5, 60 Flllurlokkr - in cave on beach
/way 77.8, 23.9 Grossir
/way 61, 44 Imp Mother Bruva
/way 61.1, 39.5 Inquisitor Chillbane - inside building
/way 41, 16 Lady Eldrathe
/way 45, 51.3 Lord Hel'Nurath
/way 56, 27.3 Malgrazoth - end of cave on beach
/way 42, 42 Malorus the Soulkeeper
/way 55.3, 56.7 Potionmaster Gloop - at top of crashed ship
/way 65, 30 Salethan the Broodwalker - path starts 67, 34
/way 32, 60 Somber Dawn - runs in circle
/way 49.2, 48.4 Xorogun the Flamecarver - inside building

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