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The cas System was Unable to initialize: Clienthandler: Initialization Error: Failed Fetching CDN Configuration FIle.

So i have f ixed this problem before. but i just put in the new launcher for the new patch and it saying this again. went back tried extracting the new config files from the site both did not work i do not know what to do from here - any advice ?

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if your problem persists, try this option too.

- Delete your WoW client, re-install game.

1. If u have slow internet, download launcher (you can play while u playing): Download Launcher 7.2.5
-a.) Start launcher_freakz.exe (32/64 bit), If your launcher shows you some error pop-ups, follow the next steps..
-b.) Add to your Data folder this: Download Config. Right click on Data folder > Poperties > Read-only ???
-c.) Open WTF folder > config.cfg (in the text document) and write there: SET worldPreloadNonCritical "0"
Or, you can skip this step and write the game command to the chat: /console worldPreloadNonCritical 0 >ENTER
-d.) Now you can start launcher_freakz.exe (32/64 bit) again. It will start downloading in the background without showing anything. Once it downloaded enough data (roughly 80MB) it will launch the game and you will be able to login, however the loading screens will be longer and video quality lower because the client will continue to download data in the background.

WARNING! The download while play client may cause you a lot of problems (slow maps loading, long loading screens, 30-60 minutes initial wow opening time [you will open launcher_freakz.exe and nothing happens for 30-60 minutes until it downloads important data], etc), so use this only if you really can't download full client.

2. Download the full game:
-a.) Download Torrent to get full client (use uTorrent for higher download speeds): Download Torrent Client
-b.) Download WoW Freakz 7.2.5 Full client
WARNING: After torrent download is done, be sure to remove READ ONLY from the Data folder, otherwise your game will crash at start.

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