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Transcript of the Legion Questions & Answers Live meeting held on Freakz Teamspeak.

Q: Will you make an anticheat / anti WPE system ?
A: We already did, hacks/wpe are not possible anymore

Q: Will the heirlooms that we had in mop we ll have them in legion too?
A: Only those that were given automatically by us, not the ones you bought/collected/etc

Q: Are the world quests going to work as on retail?
A: Yes, the system will work as on retail with emissary quests and world quests available for everyone depending of current active quests.

Q: How do classes work in this moment?
A: As of now all classes have at least their baseline spells and all talents fully working, that means that you can use every single spell you find from your spellbook/talents and it should be working as intended. more on this after the changelog will be published

Q: How will you select the PTR team?
A: We are focusing on players with Legion Retail experience and if possible, with a good bug report status

Q: What percent of the Dev team will continue to work on the Mist of Pandaria server, and will there be fixes often?
A: There won't be so many fixes like until now, but we will have some devs specially assigned to MoP only, so progress will still be made

Q: What XP rates will there be?
A: Old content will be the same, 5-10x, but Draenor and Legion expansion will most likely be 3x

Q: When the arenas will be opened ?
A: We'll open them imediately at live launch

Q: Will the flight be instant or normal?
A: We're still working on the flight system, but we want to make it non instant in legion zones only.. and instant everywhere else (wod zone undecided yet)

Q: When polls about transfering achivments and mount on legion will end?
A: Shortly before the live launch

Q: Did u design out the legendary drop system or yet to begin?
A: UPDATE: Legendary drop system has been implemented

Q: Has the closed ptr phase started yet?
A: It will start today / latest tomorrow

Q: We will experience the same gameplay and quests that are now live on retail?
A: We are trying to script everything (including quests) as much blizzlike as it's possible.

Q: After the open beta is over, the chars level will stay or it will be wiped ?
A: No, test realm chars will be deleted

Q: Will Legion professions' quests work?
A: Profesion world quests scripted in 95%

Q: Will the cinematics work ingame as intended?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have a solution for foreign players like us to play in your server with less lag ? (e.g Iran)
A: Unfortunately those are always host-related. best thing we can do (and did recently) was move host to a more central zone (but some players are still far away from the host)

Q: How will be the classes on legion comparred to blizzard? they're not balanced on blizzard too at the moment , will you balance them by yourself?
A: We will fix the classes like on blizzard, we will not modify them by ourselves

Q: Are the classes' stats gonna be working? (hit/exp/mastery etc.)
A: Class stats are working as intended, including the new ones (Versatility, Leech, etc...)

Q: Is there going to be crossfaction enabled like it is on MoP realm?
A: Yes, this was a very successful thing to do on MOP, queue times decreased greatly because of that

Q: I got a question about a major theme most player may be concerned about: The Orderhalls and Garnision. Are those Features working fine by now? I mean with all the quests/Followers/Attacksaisons for the Legion Continent/Artifact-Smith etc.?
A: Garrison and order hall use the same system so both of them will be available in game. however at release garrison will be available directly at level 3 after the garrison creation. order hall are fully scripted

Q: Will players who have donated in MoP also get free items on legion?
A: No

Q: Will you release raid by raid, or you will release every raid untill nighthold?
A: Not sure i understand the question, but content will be delivered when it's fixed: boss by boss... in order of importance as much as possible (no end-game raids before non-endgame, no reason)

Q: The class halls are going to be like on blizz?
A: Yes

Q: Legion will have donation as well ?
A: Yes, but not instanly after the release

Q: Will the old content be neglected, like it got in most of Pandaria?
A: Neglected is a strong word. we'll copy most of our fixes from MoP (where we already fixed lots of old content), but priority will always be current expansion content (less work for old content, most work for current content)

Q: How about the flyght path in WOD content? Will it be instant?
A: Most likely YES. still not decided. pre-WOD instant, LEGION non instant, WOD not decided

Q: The Artifactweaon quests are available hen the server start ?
A: We wont be able to finish all artifact scenarios until public launch. but we plan on scripting them as fast as possible

Q: Is the DH starting area scripted and working?
A: During the PTR it might not be fully working, but by the time we launch live realm it will be

Q: Did you start working on the PvE Encounters ?
A: Most WOD PVE already done, Legion zones are still WIP, we won't have too many legion PVE at launch

Q: Will artifact apperenace quests work ?
A: They will work after the release of the artifact quests

Q: Will i be able to send bind-on-account items form mop to legion? for example( jewel of the firelord, insciption/archeology etc)?
A: No, you wont be able to send ANYTHING from mop, only pets/mounts/achieves maybe,read

Q: How long do you think the test phase is going to last? And there will be any open beta for server stress test?
A: Closed PTR 1-2 weeks, public/open PTR hopefully max 1 month

Q: Are the legendaries from drops gonna be for free?
A: As mentioned we'll keep things as blizzlike as possible, which means legendaries will drop

Q: In terms of percentage how well do you think the server will be rounded up?
A: At public release the quests will be around 80-85% completed and class fixes will be at around 85% on public release

Q: Classes will be tested by one developer or you will seek helpers for each class ?
A: [Spells dev] Personally tested each and every single spell to make sure they are working 100% like they do on blizzard. However, I'm still a human being, errors can be made, meaning I will rely from now on on your bugreports. if you guys are doing your job, I'll make sure none of the discovered bugs make it to live

Q: Will the vote system work like on pandaria and just add items for mop+wod?
A: Yes, exactly: we will just add more stuff to it

Q: Will the normal flight in legion be changed after some time or will it be like that permanently?
A: Not decided yet, but for sure at least couple of months before we reconsider this

Q: Will be the mop realm ever converted into legion?
A: No, we will have two separate realms - one for MOP and one for LEGION, we will transfer mop and old content fixes to legion

Q: If Blizzard releases patch 7.2 before Freakz's legion realm start will you guys update it to 7.2 aswell or will you keep it at 7.1.5?
A: We can't answer you now. After Blizzard's release we will try to release as soon as possible the next update depending of the amount of work to do for that upgrade. We want to follow as much as possible blizzard's updates.

Q: Will we be able to use the transfer feature on legion?(if we have acc on other Legion servers curentlly?
A: Yes, migrate feature will be available some time after the release, not instantly

Q: Are the new druid forms working/getable?
A: Yes

Q: What's your 'propaganda' plan? How are you going to atract new players to our humble server?
A: We'll try to attract reviewers as much as possible, paying them if they are interested. we will also do more "share this to enter the lottery" contests.

Q: Will ticket for help Work?
A: Blizzard completely removed the ticketing system in Legion. But we already made progress on re-implementing it back in the client interface. By launch we expect it to be fully working

Q: How good do you think the core is currently? stability, performance etc
A: Every line code written by the development team is reviewed and optimized as much as possible to avoid any instabilities. In case of an issue related to performance and stability we will handle it in priority.

Q: We will be able to play demon hunter @start of realm after we do lvl 70 on another char or is make in other way to test it ?
A: On PTR realm you can create demon hunter imediately. on live realm we will have the level requirement, you need to levelup a char first"

Q: I wanna know if i can use my vote points from current account on legion to buy heirlooms, etc
A: Both vote points and donation points are shared.. you can use your points on any expansion

Q: Is the Legion server gonna have special sounds at bans/mutes like cataclysm did?
A: Not a priority right now

Q: Will be starting zones for special races working? scarlet enclave,gilneas,kezan,wandering isle etc.
A: If the zones worked on MoP then they will also work in Legion server

Q: Is fishing legendary going to be scripted?
A: Eventually yes, but it's a very low priority

Q: Will there be heirlooms implemented on Legion? with VP/ DP or in-game buying?
A: Since WoD you can buy most of the heirlooms for pocketmoney in Ironforge for example, so I'd say in-game buying. make a google search on the heirloom system after WoD 6.2, you'll find everything there

Q: Will players have all legendaries from donations before others get their first one from in-game content?
A: UPDATE: Legendary drop system has been implemented

Q: Hi i would like to know if the system "Item Finder" , "NPC Finder", "Object Finder" will be uptated for the legion server
A: It's already done, but not public

Q: Is there any chance to save the Inventory items(like fun items for example) , I would pay for that if is the case
A: No, you cannot transfer items to legion

Q: Will the transmog dressing room and toy box work to not clog up inventory space?
A: Yes, both features are working fine already

Q: What about the phone app for legion,any way that will work for the server?
A: We haven't planned to develop the Wow Companion app.

Q: will we be able to play on the mop realm with the legion client? or we need to keep the mop client also installed to play on mop realm?
A: You need to keep the MoP client and download the legion one to be able to play both of them, you can't play on both server with the same client.

Q: Will pandaria challenge mode dungeons still reduce ilvl?
A: If you ask about dungeon challenge mode from MoP the answer is yes, but if you ask about having dungeon challenge mode on Legion is NO, because it doesn't exist anymore, it was replaced by mythic+ mode

Q: Class halls will be scripted properly, you will can do all the quests?
A: Yes, you will be able to do the quests from class halls ON LIVE REALM, not on PTR

Q: How much for a full donor character ?
A: Shop will be opened in steps after the launch. full chars will be available more late. prices not decided yet, if they will be different they will be only slightly more expensive than now

Q: What are your priorities right now in terms of developing content? (class halls, dungeons, raids, classes etc)?
A: We have separate Devs for each zone / topic , so the fixes will go in paralel

Q: Do you think we will enjoy what was a great idea on mop? the phase content? cause just launching everything at start will make us lose some good stuff that was enjoyable only when they released we will be starting with the 7.1.5 exactly like it is on retail
A: We will advance with it like retail does, but not going back to 7.0.x, 6.x... if it's not in 7.1.5 then it will not be available

Q: Are wod dungeons and raids scripted?
A: WoD pve has many instances scripted already, legion not so much yet

Q: Will you keep the artifact grind blizzlike ( aka rates with knowledge ) , also will players be allowed to donate for either knowledge / AP ?
A: Same artifact rates like retail. regarding donation, already asked: legion shop not fully decided yes. but most likely yes

Q: Are all the mythic dungeons scripted? or most of them at least? and about the raids, which bosses are scripted?
A: All dungeons that are scripted are also for the mythic(+) difficulty

Q: For PTR release are we going to enjoy increased xp rate to test legion content faster?
A: we will also have instant level 90/100/110 on the PTR to easily test wod/legion content

Q: We will have titanforged items in loot tables? if yes, how soon?
A: We will, however not sure when. it will be a couple of weeks/months

Q: Garrosh will be scripted? when?
A: Unfortunately MoP development is going worse than expected, some of our MoP devs are a bit busy IRL and can't script fast like he did before, we are in the process of reorganizing MoP dev work. As you may have seen no PvE boss in a while.

Q: will the mop and wod items in vote shop excede 80 vote points?
A: We will recalculate prices so the price for wod/legion aren't too expensive

Q: How is the character/guild name reservation system going to work?
A: Already explained in the reservations page: you will be able to use those names only on the account you reserved them on. after 1 month they will expire and everyone can use those names if you didnt take them already

Q: Characters from closed beta will be deleted, but how about Open Beta, will those characters be deleted also ?
A: All PTR characters will be deleted after we launch legion

Q: Will Armory work for the legion realm? And how do you plan syncing account acheivs with the armory?
A: Currently we didnt do any work on the legion armory, it will not work at first. We will eventually fix it too, hopefully in the first 1-2 months

Q: Do you plan on adding some extra features like the boss timer kills, for instance something like logs to compare performance , something like that ( if automated and not uploaded by users ) will help to spot exploiters ( mainly those people who were oneshotting bosses in MSV if you recall )
A: Yes, we have a plan on improving the PVE logs, something like ... but this is low priority, actual core development is much more important

Q: What exactly is going to be scripted on PTR? I mean, what can we test/enjoy on the test server and how many percents of the total scripting is going to be available on PTR?
A: There will be a topic on the forum with the 100% working zones so you guys know what to expect

Q: Are tradeskill blood/stomach/etc drops going to be implemented? (Skinning, gathering prof skills)
A: They are available

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