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  Topic: Deposit Reagents / reagent bank v2

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PostForum: Other   Posted: 03-03-2019, 16:59:42   Subject: Deposit Reagents / reagent bank v2
WoW Freakz link: Deposit all reagents feature and handling reagents manually in that tab
Bug description: The deposit materials feature was recently fixed and it works but the problem is, each time y ...
  Topic: [FIXED] [Item] [item] ultimate battle-training stone missing from vendor

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PostForum: Fixed bugs   Posted: 27-02-2019, 17:50:42   Subject: [item] ultimate battle-training stone missing from vendor
WoW Freakz item link: This item is also sold by AllianceLio the Lioness/HordeSerr'ah in Dalaran for 45 Shiny Pet Charm.
  Topic: [Mage][Arcane] Arcane orb on hit AM procs

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PostForum: CONFIRMED Class spells / talents   Posted: 27-02-2019, 08:17:05   Subject: [Mage][Arcane] Arcane orb on hit AM procs
WoW Freakz spell link: [url=]Arcane Orb
Bug description: Arcane orb works almost like frost spec frozen orb. It has a chance to g ...
  Topic: [Mage][Arcane] Nether Tempest/Arcane Charge snapshot

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PostForum: CONFIRMED Class spells / talents   Posted: 22-02-2019, 17:16:42   Subject: [Mage][Arcane] Nether Tempest/Arcane Charge snapshot
WoW Freakz spell link: [url=]Nether Tempest
Bug description: Old bug is back, it dynamically updates it's charge based damage ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [mage][legendary] kirin tor shoulders

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 21-02-2019, 00:48:24   Subject: [mage][legendary] kirin tor shoulders
WoW Freakz item link:
This is vow 18
Here is a single target dummy ...
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