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  Topic: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

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PostForum: Off-topic   Posted: 23-03-2018, 19:41:34   Subject: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
Ma intereseaza o lista cu jocul Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War in ordinea aparuta. Stiu ca sunt MULTE rau + extensii, vreau o lista cu toate aparute pana in prezent.
Cine ma poate ajuta?
  Topic: Clasament - FAC 2017 -

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 23-12-2017, 17:40:35   Subject: Clasament - FAC 2017 -
leonad3s - 12 pct. VIP + 500 rep (1st: CS:GO Tournament + winner: Mr. Freakz-a-Lot)
SickFish - 6 pct. VIP + 200 rep (2nd: CS:GO Tournament)
Kromerz - 4 pct. VIP + 100 rep ...
  Topic: Freakz Annual Competition - FAC 2017

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 20:34:52   Subject: Freakz Annual Competition - FAC 2017
The mandatory condition for signing-up is to have at least 1 month from your register on the forum. Staf ...
  Topic: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - CS:GO Tournament

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 20:23:38   Subject: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - CS:GO Tournament
CS:GO Tournament
Sign-up template
Your number order
Nick (in-game):
Steam profile:
Information about how the tournament will be
An admin will assist at every game;
The map for each g ...
  Topic: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - Signature Battle

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 20:14:47   Subject: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - Signature Battle
Signature Battle
Theme: Knights
Dimension: 450x150
You can use any render you want.
The creation will require its PSD otherwise you will be disqualified;
The PSD will be sent by PM to ...
  Topic: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - House of Bets / Casa Pariurilor

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 20:00:34   Subject: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - House of Bets / Casa Pariurilor
House of Bets
Theme: Bets from sports.
One of the Staff members (linke/Moderator/Super Moderator/Administrator) will post a series of games. You will need to place your bets on them;
  Topic: [Complete]Freakz Annual Competition - Photo Competition

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 19:57:15   Subject: [Complete]Freakz Annual Competition - Photo Competition
Photo Competition
Theme: Snow
Do not steal other's pictures;
Do not steal pictures from the internet;
Follow the contest's rules and indications.
The Camera doesn't matter and t ...
  Topic: [Complete]Freakz Annual Competition - Ho!Ho!Ho!

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 19:33:16   Subject: [Complete]Freakz Annual Competition - Ho!Ho!Ho!

You will need your own Christmas tree. Not from the neighbors, not from the junkyard.
A sign "Freakz" next to the tree in order to validate that it's yours. You can s ...
  Topic: [Complete]Freakz Annual Competition - FREAKZ Mascot! / Mascota FREAKZ!

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 19:23:41   Subject: [Complete]Freakz Annual Competition - FREAKZ Mascot! / Mascota FREAKZ!
FREAKZ Mascot!
Each participant will have to build from zero, from various materials (e.g. wood, carton, paper, plastic, rubber, metal) at his own decision, a mascot, that represents the comm ...
  Topic: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - Superstar

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 19:19:24   Subject: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - Superstar
You need to take a picture of yourself with the text
Details: It's a creativity contest so use your imagination!;
Do not use the EDIT feature or will get disqualified;
Do not ...
  Topic: [Complete]Freakz Annual Competition - Poetry / Incanta-mi inima

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 19:10:31   Subject: [Complete]Freakz Annual Competition - Poetry / Incanta-mi inima
Theme: Freakz + Christmas
Details: Each of you will need to create a poem of at least 4 strophe with 4 verses;
Do not use the EDIT feature or you will get disqualified;
Stealing from oth ...
  Topic: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - Mr. Freakz-a-Lot

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PostForum: Freakz Annual Competition   Posted: 01-12-2017, 19:02:19   Subject: [Complete] Freakz Annual Competition - Mr. Freakz-a-Lot
Mr. Freakz-a-Lot
Theme: Choosing the most active user.
Details: The winner of this contest will be chosen after various criterias: activity in different sections of the forum, helpfulness and the m ...
  Topic: [Complete] Loteria FREAKZ - August Edition -

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PostForum: Free lottery   Posted: 01-08-2017, 22:44:54   Subject: [Complete] Loteria FREAKZ - August Edition -

Rules to participate:
Minimum 30 days on FREAKZ community Minimum 50 posts.
No active warns.

Sign up model:
You must number your place in order.
Write o ...

Replies: 91
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PostForum: Old announcements   Posted: 17-07-2017, 00:03:19   Subject: LA MULTI ANI FREAKZ ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREAKZ !
Loteria va avea loc peste 3 zile (pe data de 19.07, ora 20:00) extragerea fiind prin (live)Happy birthday FREAKZ"
The lottery will take place over 3 days ...
  Topic: Organizare competitii.

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 24-01-2017, 13:18:09   Subject: Organizare competitii.
Competitiile sunt organizate de doua ori pe luna. Prima competitie 01.xx(luna).xxxx(an) a doua competitie 15.xx(luna.xxxx(an).
Organizatori: Gareth Bale<3 / Spartans. va ocupati amandoi de compet ...
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