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Who Whom Direction How much Post Comment Date Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] [NPC] Enchanted Claw of Ceruledan Confirmed & fixed bug 09-03-2019, 17:06:32 Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] [NPC] Certain Mobs Broken Shore Should Be Flying Confirmed & fixed bug 27-01-2019, 18:55:49 Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] [Quest] [World Quest] Stonebound Soldiers Slow Respawn Confirmed & fixed bug 26-01-2019, 17:24:16 Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] [Quest] Can't Start Plight of the Blackfeather Confirmed & fixed bug 24-01-2019, 03:29:14
Kkthnxbye Denim Disrespect
[Blizzard_TrainerUI] Lua Error Doesn't look into issues it seems. I reported an issue with a server side bug and I got a reply to check my AddOns. Being an addon dev I wouldn't report this if it wasn't valid. Then closing my topic so I can not show further proof into the issue. 28-06-2018, 23:53:48 Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] Login Server - No realms available / instant disconnects Confirmed & fixed bug 19-06-2018, 22:21:41 Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] [Item] Manastalker Tendril Drop rate seems low Confirmed & fixed bug 27-04-2018, 20:42:56
Nyndra Kkthnxbye Respect
[REJECTED] [Dunegon Finder] Can't look for more players if 2 people leave. PvE bug report activity 22-03-2018, 02:20:51 Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] [NPC] Can't attack Widowsister Confirmed & fixed bug 24-02-2018, 02:25:58 Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] [Quest] Study Hall: Combat Research Confirmed & fixed bug 24-01-2018, 00:33:03
Kkthnxbye LethalFactorLK Disrespect
Rejects legit bugs and half the time, he never gives a reason why or a redirect where they should be posted. Only being honest here. 19-12-2017, 11:07:02
frid@y Kkthnxbye Respect
[DUPLICATE] World quests system scripted wrong. kyrax = useless 27-10-2017, 20:57:08 Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] [Server] Server not saving CVars/Settings/ Confirmed & fixed bug 24-10-2017, 02:51:20 Kkthnxbye Respect
[FIXED] [PvE] [Boss] Thalnos the Soulrender causing instant crash Confirmed & fixed bug 16-10-2017, 00:57:37
Kkthnxbye Shocker Respect
[FIXED] Battle pets disappear from action bar on relog Thank you for your hard work Shockie! <3 13-10-2017, 20:26:44
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