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Who Whom Direction How much Post Comment Date abderrazak1307 Respect
work stuff 21-07-2018, 11:24:58 abderrazak1307 Respect
[FIXED] [Item] [Trinket] Royal dagger haft procs in PvP Confirmed & fixed bug 16-06-2018, 02:18:10 abderrazak1307 Respect
[FIXED] [Demon Hunter][Vengeance] Last Resort debuff does not get reset on death Confirmed & fixed bug 05-06-2018, 01:32:01 abderrazak1307 Respect
[FIXED] [Mage][Frost] Thermal void should increase icy veins duration on hit not on cast. Confirmed & fixed bug 28-04-2018, 03:09:20 abderrazak1307 Respect
[FIXED] [Mage][Arcane] Mass Invisibility does not break on dealing damage Confirmed & fixed bug 17-04-2018, 02:13:36 abderrazak1307 Respect
[FIXED] [Mage] Mirror Image clones do not scale with haste Confirmed & fixed bug 07-04-2018, 03:38:20 abderrazak1307 Respect
[FIXED] [Druid][Guardian] Ironfur vs Molten Crash casted by Dargrul (Last boss @Neltharion Lair) Confirmed & fixed bug 05-04-2018, 01:27:36 abderrazak1307 Respect
[FIXED] [PvE] [Neltharion Lair] Vileshard Hulks are immune to stuns Confirmed & fixed bug 20-09-2017, 10:53:09
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