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Reputation Apheks

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   reputation 70.1    reputation 25.5
   positive Votes 7    positive Votes 0
   negative Votes 0    negative Votes 2

Who Whom Direction How much Post Comment Date Apheks Respect
[FIXED] [Warrior][Arms] Trauma ticks Confirmed & fixed bug 31-03-2019, 16:14:37 Apheks Respect
[FIXED] [Death Knight] [Unholy] Virulent Plague vs Krosus Confirmed & fixed bug 12-06-2018, 04:11:13
Apheks LethalFactorLK Disrespect
Unjustified actions towards loyal players. Didn't even take a second to answer in the important discussion. Doesnt care about other opinions. 26-04-2018, 00:42:45 Apheks Respect
[FIXED] [Multiple] Spellque window doesn't work 2. Confirmed & fixed bug 15-02-2018, 02:51:50
Apheks zbaam Disrespect
tertiariy vs donated items Ignorant, selfish, cares about his ass only. 26-10-2017, 19:00:16 Apheks Respect
[FIXED] [Hunter][Beast Mastery] Pet's Focus regen Confirmed & fixed bug 15-10-2017, 19:34:34 Apheks Respect
[FIXED] [Hunter][Beast Mastery] Pet's special ability(Basic attack) has wrong calculation. Confirmed & fixed bug 14-10-2017, 01:31:00 Apheks Respect
[FIXED] [Quest] [DK] Spread the word - quest isn't completable after finishing the mission. Confirmed & fixed bug 28-07-2017, 19:27:22 Apheks Respect
[FIXED] [Quest] [Class hall] DK campaign quest "spread the word" bugged due to DC Confirmed & fixed bug 24-07-2017, 16:01:48
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