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My Mom Got Me A Smartphone This is a secret achievement, the description will be visible once you earned it

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This achievement has been completed 15910 times. Recently earned by:
Mihaibondok 1 hour ago
sandromodzmanashvili 2 hours ago
Sipow83 6 hours ago
Dormutan 11 hours ago
|BK|NoDMG 15 hours ago
Gorby 1 day ago
xfdax 1 day ago
Dadnmn 1 day ago
Rxstart 1 day ago
hopeless_angel 1 day ago
aviranblack360 1 day ago
rmmp 1 day ago
mariusyca90 1 day ago
Drakkoth 1 day ago
heylau 1 day ago
Burbonlbn 2 days ago
amberit 2 days ago
Phanatic 2 days ago
POTTI 2 days ago
andreikisame 2 days ago
Smart-C00kie 2 days ago
Jeiki 2 days ago
TalionsWrath 3 days ago
Shadowmonkey 3 days ago
xMescu 3 days ago
battlemaster 3 days ago
LaMishto1 3 days ago
killz0r000 3 days ago
viro369 3 days ago
heynerpes 3 days ago
Bethrezen 4 days ago
Laur2028 4 days ago
Ugotbusted 4 days ago
Sonar 4 days ago
Chrissj 4 days ago
Barmanu 5 days ago
Asm0deus 5 days ago
Makeer 5 days ago
Kopso 5 days ago
chhuana106 5 days ago
mino11112 5 days ago
resor 5 days ago
Belakhor 5 days ago
mrdjole2409 6 days ago
UOLThunder 6 days ago
heavygear3 6 days ago
Ham Ham 6 days ago
SeDaN_Jr 6 days ago
xerhoz 6 days ago
BeBelushuUu 6 days ago

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