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 No new posts  Administrative announcements
Very important announcements from the forum administrators
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 No new posts  Welcome !
Welcome to our 'freak' community ! For a better socialization, you can start by telling us what sort of freak you are.
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 No new posts  TeamSpeak 3 Server
Information regarding
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 No new posts subdomains requests subdomains requests + Counter-Strike: Technical assistance
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 No new posts  Opinions and suggestions
You don't like something? What? Any opinion / suggestion is welcome regarding everything about
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 No new posts  Report zone
This is for reported posts, topics will be created automatically. Don't manually open new ones here
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Freakz CS Servers (30 servers online, 302 players online)  
CS:GO Servers [CS:GO - AWP]
Harta: awp_lego_2_shoot...   
CS 1.6 Servers [Normal]
Harta: de_dust2    Slots: 11/32
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 5/32
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 18/32
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 11/32
Harta: fy_snow3    Slots: 11/32
Harta: zm_2day    Slots: 0/32
Harta: jail_titanic    Slots: 12/24
Harta: zm_good_kamp_v2    Slots: 12/24
Harta: zm_gbox6    Slots: 7/22
Harta: 001_hp    Slots: 3/32 [DeathRun]
Harta: deathrun_projeto...    Slots: 10/24
Harta: de_dust    Slots: 4/32
Harta: fy_cluj    Slots: 5/32
 [Zombie Plague NST WPN]
Harta: zm_cross    Slots: 0/24
Harta: de_inferno_remak...    Slots: 8/24 [BaseBuilder]
Harta: bb_india_night    Slots: 11/28
 [Zombie Horror Mode]
Harta: zm_2012    Slots: 6/24 [War3ft+Respawn]
Offline [Respawn+War3FT]
Harta: de_dust2x2    Slots: 16/32 [Normal]
Harta: fy_pool_day    Slots: 0/22
Harta: css_nuke_winter    Slots: 18/32 [DeathRun]
Harta: deathrun_dojo    Slots: 0/22 [Zombie Outstanding]
Harta: zm_deko2    Slots: 4/32 [Hide'n Seek]
Harta: de_dust    Slots: 18/32 [Respawn]
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 5/32 [Respawn]
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 0/22 [Normal]
Harta: de_train    Slots: 0/32 [Respawn]
Harta: de_prodigy    Slots: 0/22
WoW Freakz -  
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Realms status: Genesis (607 players)
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 No new posts  Bug Report
In-game bugs? Post them here
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 No new posts  Requests
The place where you report players & ask for help if you lost items.
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 No new posts  Guilds Zone
Looking for a guild? Already have a guild but looking for more members? Post it here.
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 No new posts  General Discussion
English-only discussions related to WoW Freakz. For discussions in another language, please check International Zone!
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 No new posts  International Zone
A place where you can have a conversation in your own language with people from your country.
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 No new posts  Class-related discussion
Discuss everything about your class
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 No new posts  Tutorials / guides made by forum users
Various tutorials / guides made by forum users to help those who can't handle Mists of Pandaria. Anyone can contribute.
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Help zone -> Counter-Strike  
 No new posts  Requests and help
In the attention of those who own Counter-Strike 1.6. servers.
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 No new posts  Resources
In the attention of the Counter-Strike 1.6 players.
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GTA Servers  
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 No new posts  Factions

SubForum: No Posts Politia Romana, No Posts Armata Romana, No Posts Hitman Agency, No Posts Stirile Freakz, No Posts Speed Taxi, No Posts Grove Street, No Posts Ballas, No Posts Los Santos Vagos, No Posts Varrios Los Aztecas, No Posts La Cosa Nostra, No Posts Yakuza, No Posts The Triads, No Posts Sinaloa Cartel
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Minecraft Servers  
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Other Servers  
 No new posts  MU Freakz
MU Freakz

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Mix Servers CS 1.6  
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Mix Servers CS:GO  
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Omul si societatea, arta si cultura, timpul liber  
 No new posts  Graphics / Design
Discussion about Graphics / Design.
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 No new posts  Music Zone
Everything about music.
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 No new posts  Movies Zone
Oscar Movies, commercial movies, classics movies, dozen movies with scenarios that were written on the toilet...
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 No new posts  School & Education
Need help on your homework? Maybe we can help.
SubForum: View latest post The cradle of aberration, View latest post Health zone, View latest post Homework zone, View latest post Contests
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 No new posts  Photo Gallery
This is the place where you can expose your photographs (whether taken by yourself, whether seen on a website)
SubForum: View latest post Fashion corner, View latest post Gentlemen's corner, View latest post Contests
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 No new posts  Sports
Football, handball, basketball, ski, skating Formula 1, K1, MMA, UFC, Kickboxing, Sumo, WWE.
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 No new posts  eBets
You love online sports betting and you would like to share your "passion" with other Freakz members? Do it here.
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 No new posts  Freakz Lottery!
Life is unfair to you and you're being chased by bad luck? Try your luck in the Freakz lottery!
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 No new posts  Off-topic
You can talk about everything in here.
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 No new posts  Market
Are you a professional seller/buyer of pencils, chewing gum and apples? Post here and you will have the chance to become rich.
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 No new posts  Games
About computer games: what do you play, what kind of games are you waiting for.
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 No new posts  Newsletter
News from any domain.
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 No new posts  IT
Discussions regarding to everything from IT's world.
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Cos de Gunoi  
 No new posts  Trash
Here you will find the old topics.
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