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UPDATE (06/01/07): version 3.65. GMod10 and Dark Messiah fixes.
UPDATE (01/10/06): Updated ClientRegistry.blob for Advent Rising, Bloodrayne etc...
UPDATE (27/09/06): 3.64, missing function added
UPDATE (14/09/06): still 3.63b, auto-verifying fixed a bit
UPDATE (05/09/06): version 3.63b
UPDATE (31/08/06): version 3.61
UPDATE (25/08/06): version 3.60 with small fix, steamlauncher included
UPDATE (24/08/06): version 3.60
UPDATE (20/08/06): version 3.59b. Update only if you have problems with 3.55, or just want to test new version.
UPDATE (16/08/06): Update ClientRegistry.blob for Uplink and Sniper: Elite
UPDATE (27/07/06): version 3.54
UPDATE (26/07/06): version 3.53
UPDATE (26/07/06): version 3.52




Finally a readme file included. Mostly copies this post, but still.
Fully operational Plug'n'Play STEAMemu for all current valve games
Full ClientRegistry.blob parsing support to autodetect and launch all games
Extraction and installation of uninstalled games from GCF
Full NCF parsing support for support of NCF games
Support to mount custom GCF's for mods and language support from ini
Supports running Valve Steamclient fully emulated
Running games extracted by dropping steam.dll into the extracted game dir
Run a dedicated (VAC) server without any patches
Linux support for both hlds and srcds dedicated servers
Supports other cracked clients on emulated servers
Emulated servers support STEAMID
No modification of any files for emulated clients and servers, thus no patching future updates
Emulated server does not report back information to Valve Authentication Servers



In sfarsit un fisier readme inclus.  Majoritatea copiaza acest post, dar totusi.
Complet si functional, Plug’n’Play STEAMenu pentru toate jocurile Valve curente.
Suport complet ClientRegistry.blob pentru adutodetectarea si lansarea tuturor jocurilor.
Extractarea si instalarea jocurilor neinstalate din GCF.
Parsing support NCF complet pentru suportul jocurilor NCF.
Suport pentru montarea GCF-urilor pentru mods si support de limba din ini
Suporta rularea Valve Steamclient complet emulate
Rularea jocurilor extractate prin aruncarea fisierului steam.dll in directorul jocului extractat
Lansarea unui server dedicate  (VAC) fara alte patch-uri
Suport Linux atat pentru serverele hlds cat si pentru cele srcds
Suporta alti clienti crack-uiti pe serverele emulate
Serverele emulate suporta STEAMID
Fara modificari ale fisierelor pentru clientii si serverele emulate
Serverele emulate nu raporteaza informatiile inapoi la Valve Authentication Servers

Tested Games (Install, Launch & Play) :

AstroPop Deluxe
Bejeweled Deluxe
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
Big Money Deluxe
BookWorm Deluxe
Chuzzle Deluxe
Codename Gordon
Condition Zero
Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes
Counter-Strike: Source
Dangerous Waters
Day of Defeat
Day of Defeat: Source
Deathmatch Classic
Disciples II Galleans Return
Disciples II Rise of the Elves
Dynomite Deluxe
Earth 2160
Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe
GTI Racing
Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Half-Life 2: Episode One
Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
Half-Life: Blue Shift
Half-Life: Source
Hammer Heads Deluxe
Heavy Weapon Deluxe
Iggle Pop Deluxe
Insaniquarium Deluxe
Iron Warriors
Jagged Alliance 2
Opposing Force
Pizza Frenzy
Rag Doll Kung Fu
Red Orchestra
Rocket Mania Deluxe
SiN 1
SiN 1 Multiplayer
Sin Episodes: Emergence
Space Empires IV Deluxe
Talismania Deluxe
Team Fortress Classic
The Ship
Typer Shark Deluxe
X2: The Threat
X3: Reunion
Xpand Rally
Zuma Deluxe

Tested Tools (Install, Launch & Play):


Dedicated Server
Source Dedicated Server
Source SDK
Disciples II Galleans Return Scenario Editor
Disciples II ROTE Scenario Editor
RedOrchestra SDK Beta
Shadowgrounds Editor
The Ship Dedicated Server

Instructions (Win32 Client/Server):


Using STEAMemu with the Valve Steam client:
Copy 'Steamlauncher.exe', 'Steamemu.ini' and 'steam.dll' into your Valve Steam client dir.
Make sure a copy of clientregistry.blob is available created with a blank account.
Launch the Valve steamclient using 'SteamLauncher.exe', play games as normal.

Using STEAMemu standalone:
Copy 'Steam.dll', 'Steamemu.ini' and 'ClientRegistry.blob' in the game directory
(where hl.exe / hl2.exe etc resides).
Launch the game as normal. Optionally if the right GCF's cannot be mounted for the game specify the
application id by using the '-appid XXX' parameter.


Folosind STEAMemu cu clientul Valve Steam :
Copiati 'Steamlauncher.exe', 'Steamemu.ini' sisteam.dll' in clientul vostru Valve Steam dir.
Asigurati-va ca o copie a clientregistry.blob este disponibila si creata intru cont nou.
Lansati clientul Valve folosind ’SteamLauncher.exe’, si jucati jocuri normal.

Folosind Steamemu  standlone :
Copiati Copy 'Steam.dll', 'Steamemu.ini' si ’ClientRegistry.blob' in folderul jocului ( unde se afla hl.exe / hl2.exe).
Lansati jocul normal . Optional care GCF-ul bun nu poate monta jocul specificati aplicatia folosind paramatrul ’-appid XXX’.

Instructions (Linux Server)



Using STEAMemu with SRCDS Linux
Copy 'libsteamvalidateuseridtickets_i486.so' and 'srcds_emu' in the same directory as srcds_run
Start the server using 'srcds_emu' instead of 'srcds_run'
Note: Running 'srcds_run' creates a normal server, as no Valve original files are modified

Using STEAMemu with hlds Linux
Copy 'libSteamValidateUserIDTickets_i386.so' to a subdirectory named hcupa, copy 'hlds_emu' in the main directory where 'hlds_run' resides.
Start the server using 'hlds_emu' instead of 'hlds_run'
Note: Running 'hlds_run' creates a normal server, as no Valve original files are modified



Folosing Steamemu cu SRCDS Linux
Copiati 'libsteamvalidateuseridtickets_i486.so' si 'srcds_emu' in acelasi director ca si srcds_run
Porniti serverul folosind  'srcds_emu' in locul  'srcds_run'
NOTA: Pornirea 'srcds_run' creaza un server normal, deoarece nici un fisier original Valve nu se modifica

Folosing Steamemu cu hlds Linux
 Copiati 'libSteamValidateUserIDTickets_i386.so' intr-un folder numit hcupa, copiati 'hlds_emu' in folderul principal unde se afla ’hlds_run
Porniti serverul folosind ’hlds_emu’ in locul ’hlds_run’
NOTA „ Pornirea ’hlds_run’ creaza un server normal, deoarece nici un fisier original Valve nu se modifica.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to make all games run through direct shortcuts at once?
A: Make sure 'clientregistry.blob', 'steamemu.ini' and the STEAMemu 'steam.dll' is in your Valve steam client
dir, and make sure the steam client dir is in your PATH variable.

Q: STEAMemu does not modify any files in games, does that mean future games will work?
A: Most likely new games will work without any changes or modifications. Even the old emu is still working
with most older games now, but is not nearly as advanced as this new version.

Q: What if Valve releases a new version of a game / dedicated server?
A: As the files of the game or the dedicated server are not patched, the emulation should still work fine on
the new release.

Q: How can I help making STEAMemu better?
A: Report bugs on the forums of cs.rin.ru. Include a description on how the bug can be reproduced and if
possible include a save game to reproduce the crash.

Q: I have the GCF for game X but it is not appearing on my game list? Stand-alone it will not launch either.
A: Each game uses multiple GCF's it depends on, make sure you have all needed dependency GCF's for the game
you are trying to play, otherwise STEAMemu will not launch it.

Q: I have the NCF and corresponding files for Game X in my \SteamApps\Common dir, but it is not showing up in
the steam client?
A: STEAMemu checks the files listed in the NCF for existence and size, most likely your files are damaged,
which causes STEAMemu to report the game as non-operational.

Q: I have installed a mod like Garry's Mod and I see it in the Valve Steam Client but it is not launching?
A: Custom mods are not supported yet through the Valve Steam Client, however it is possible to launch it
from the console using 'hl2.exe -appid 220 -game "c:\program files\steam\steamapps\sourcemods\gmod9"'

Q: When I install a game using the Valve Steam Client, only a certain set of files is installed?
A: STEAMemu knows exactly which files are required to play the game, the so-called minimum footprint.
It extracts the same files real Valve server does

Q: How can I configure the more advanced settings of STEAMemu?
A: Open the included 'steamemu.ini' to change advanced settings. Read the comments carefully to see how it

Q: How is the emulated server different from cracked ones?
A: First of all as its emulated it does not need to be updated all the time. Second of all, the steam logon
error which cracked server variants patch, is caused cause your STEAMID along with your personal client IP
address is reported to the Valve Authentication server. You get kicked when your STEAMID is not a
valid logged on STEAMID, this means Valve can create a list of users playing illegally quite easily.
Needless to say with the emulated server no such communication takes place.

Q: Can this emulator be used for extracted games?
A: Running extracted games with this emulator is no problem at all. However extracted games sometimes have
checks to make sure they are not running extracted, which other groups patch. THe checks will still fail
though when using the emulator without cracked files of course.
If you want to get rid of ClientRegistry.blob dependency and avoid FS mounting use Extracted=1 in config file.

Q: Why should I run my games from GCF files?
A: Valve games consist of thousands of small files. On the NTFS file system (used by most Windows XP computers),
smaller files are not stored in seperate file clusters but rather in the MFT (Master File Table) itself.
This causes the small files to bloat your MFT, which can only grow, not shrink and causes more seeks.
Valve chose to put the files in an archive, just like the earlier WAD files with old HL1 games exactly
for this reason. The internal filesystem inside a GCF is optimized for the type of access the Source engine

Q: Is my emulated server compatible with cracked game client X?
A: The emulated server always assigns a valid STEAMID and allows all clients without authentication to the Valve
servers. There is no reason why a certain client should not work.

Q: Does STEAMemu have multi-language and/or addon support?
A: Yes, it is possible to mount custom configured GCF's before the game's own GCF's are mounted.
The contents of these GCF's will have priority over the games content. Using this its possible to
switch languages, or for example load a CS:Bot GCF with modified files (should someone make one *hint*).

Q: When running the Linux emulated server, I still get the STEAM ID Pending error when a client connects?
A: Make sure you start the server by using either 'srcds_emu' or 'hlds_emu', also verify the emulator is loading properly
by looking for the line 'libsteam.so emulation v0.4 by hCUPa. We are loaded.' in the output.
If it is not there review the installation instructions.

Q: I do not have a clientregistry.blob, will STEAMemu still work?
A: When the clientregistry.blob is not available or cannot be parsed, STEAMemu falls back to using steamemu.ini.
There are a few examples in the ini already how to setup manual GCF mounting.
So there is no required dependency on the blob.

Q: I get Steam validation error / Steam account does not own this game error when joining a server?
A: A STEAMemu client only works on STEAMemu servers or on cracked servers.
It does not allow you to play on legit servers or circumvent VAC2
in any way as those checks are totally server-side.

Q: Can I run a VAC2 secured server with STEAMemu?
A: A STEAMemu server can run VAC2 secured without any problem.
STEAMemu clients, cracked clients and legit clients will all be able to join like normal.

Download:Versiunea 3.64 (106.23 KB, 3274 downloads, adaugat 29-11-2008)
Download:Versiunea 3.65 (106.23 KB, 5240 downloads, adaugat 29-11-2008)

...va asigur ca greselile ortografice, ortoepice, de punctuatie, morfosintactice si folosirea inadecvata a unitatilor lexico-semantice imi apartin, mi le asum, dar la scoala sa stiti ca tot nu ma duc!

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Updated by In2 & Alpha

We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they're inside of us.

nr913 wrote:
no really, dacă nu era așa țărancă, și dacă era în bucurești, o luam de nevastă

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O singura intrebare am. Ce fel de ID genereaza acest emulator? La fel ca la Revolution, cu numere(STEAM:1:5651341) sau STEAM_ID_LAN/STEAM_ID_PENDING/VALVE_ID_LAN/VALVE_ID_PENDING?
Daca genereaza la fel ca emulatorul Revolution, atunci imi puteti spune un emulator care genereaza un id ca ultimele 4 exemple de sus?
Multumesc anticipat.

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