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1. Introduction

2. Talents and Races

3. Artifact Traits and Relics

4. Stats

5. Gems, Enchants, Legendaries, Trinkets

6. Rotation

7. Tips and Honorable mentions

1. Introduction

MM Hunter is very versatile DPS for any PVE situation. Doesn't matter if you need to stand still or move. You can constantly do DPS even without casting. Because of LoL procs (mentioned in next section) hunter dps is very variabile. On freakz very popular cause of strong Misdirection. Just use it on tank and ppl will love you in M+ with skittish affix.

2. Talents and Races


15 - Lone Wolf is best DPS spec and on freakz where are many problems with hunter pets its only choice

30 - this depends on your point of view. I preffer LoL cause i like to play mobile hunter with a lot of movement and switching targets boss - adds. If you play single target you should try True Aim.

45 - filler choose what you want. I like Trailblazer - faster movement

60 - Patient sniper. If you like experimenting on AoE dps try Explosive shot. But you have many strong AoE spells so you don't need that.

75 - Depends on situation binding shot is good for mythic + controlling a lot of adds to help a tank. Invis is good for skipping trash or run from fights with Feign Death combination.

90 - Same as 30 depend on you. On freakz they fixed volley so on m+ its almost same as barrage in dps. Barrage is good filler if nothing proc and every arrow from barrage has chance to proc arcane shot or LoL. But overall u need to spam Aimed shot so barrage is not good choice because it spending so much Focus. Volley shot best call here. On pure single target Murder of Crows.

100 - Trick shot without any other thought



Blood elf:
Arcane Acuity and with Arcane Torrent you can fit an extra aimed in your trueshot rotation


Blood Fury

Depends on you this three has best stats for MM hunt. Minimal changes in DPS your call.


Might of the Mountain

Night Elf:
Touch of Elune


Dwarf is best choice here but if you dont like short persons Night Elf and Worgen are considerable choices.

3. Artifact Traits and Relics

BiS Relics:

With lower gear you need to reduce CD on Trueshot as much as possible so BiS relics are that reduce CD on this cooldown so:

Blood Relic

Storm Relic

Life Relic1 or Life Relic2

When u got legendary feets and 2 set from NH you should focus on relics with aimed critical strike dmg on your vulnerable window.
Vulnerable > Trueshot


This is good picture to display how much u get dps from traits (ignore weeks u are on free server -). I prefer first go for trueshot CD then selected path.

4. Stats

You need 13% haste for good spamming 3x Aimed shot in one vulnerable window. Then depends on stage of play. With low gear you can try Mastery > Crit > Haste with better gear Mastery > Haste > Crit.


5. Gems, Enchants, Legendaries, Trinkets


200 agility - you can hold only one

Depend if u have 13% haste or not 150:


Cloak - +200 Agility

Rings: +200 Mastery / Haste - same as Gems

Neck: +600 mastery


Ullrs Feather Snowshoes

without any question best legendary it reduce CD on your trueshot

Gyroscopic Stabilizer

on single target perfect legendary or if u need to move + 15% aimed shot crit.

War Belt of Sentinel Army

second best legendary item for mass AOE fights. Just spam a few multishot every hit proc buff up and then u has 200% aimed shot dmg


very considerable and good for starting players a lot of stats for higher dps and absorb shield. You will die less times. This item can save your life many times. Crucial for M+ 20 and higher.


Good trinkets = good DPS so :

Unstopable Arcanocrystal

BiS in this point a lot of stats

Convergerance of Fates

reducing CD on dps cooldowns

Honorable mentions:

Bloodthirsty Instinct

Eye of Guarm

Naraxas Spiked Tongue

Chrono Shard

Fulmination Charge

6. Rotation

MM hunter is about calculating which spell u should use in which time. Your main debuff on target is Vulnerable

with that u got +100% increased dmg from aimed shot. Less time remaining = more dmg from aimed shot / piercing shot.

Single target:

Trueshot and all ofensive skills like troll haste, orc rage and so on
Windburst on CD
if Vulnerable then -> Aimed Shot
if not Vulnerable then -> Arcane Shot
when Arcane Shot proc then -> Marked Shot

Multi target:

Without Trueshot
Multishot till proc
Marked Shot
if LoL proc use Aimed

With Trueshot
until trueshot ends:
Multishot till proc
Marked Shot
if LoL proc use Aimed Shot
if you got Barrage on CD ( CAREFUL! or party ll kill you - )

Everything here depends on your procs watch and learn how many Aimed shots u can shot in vulnerable window then refresh it.

7. Tips and Honorable mentions:

Bursting Shot

perfect spell if you want to interrupt many adds at once (DT small red elementals for example)

If you get barrage it willll produce on skittish a lot of aggro during misdirection in this situation much better than volley. Even some bosses need that to get all adds ASAP to tank (NH Starcaller last phase, Advisor elementals, Scorpion scorpions, EN, dragons).

Use your traps on trash!

Tar Trap

on necrotic or raging can save your tank.

Freezing Trap

freeze problematic add on place very usefull.

Your trueshot has 2:30 min CD with 2 set items from NH boots and convergence of fates and relics mentioned in section 3. u ll reduce it to less than minute (55 sec now). On approximately 895 ilvl u ll get yoor DPS cap with good items. Then it depends on your reduction Trueshot CD. U ll get high dmg and then just keep it for a whole fight with this reductions.

I strongly recommend Misdirection Helper addon for misdirection. You will simply choose on which target Misdirection should be casted and addon create Macro in your macros which you can simply use and continue with dps.

Misdirection Helper Addon

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Based on ur talents, Aoe rotation shall be - Multishot till proc - Marked Shot - 3x AiS
Or Trueshot - Multishot - Marked - Multishot - Marked and so on till Trueshot ends. With a bit of luck u'll get LoL proc too..

About stats, yea the goal is to have 3x AiS when Vulnerable is on.
But i strongly recommend to play crit > mastery if you are low geared.

GJ !

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Joc hunter. Cine sunt ?
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Paul !?


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AoE rotation when you got waist leggo when trueshot up , you Trueshot then you multishot - marked shot untill you hit around 18-20 stacks on your leggo .
Belf it's not only good because of that 1 % crit , it's good because with your passive ( arcane torrent ) you can fit an extra aimed in your trueshot rotation .
Try to fit your Aimed shots on your lasts seconds of vulnerable so you can extra dmg from "Patient Sniper" talent
You usually use Marked shot at 70 focus , Marked > arcane > aimed > aimed
You usually use Windburst at 100 focus , Windburst > arcane > aimed > aimed > aimed
BIS relics are one with aimed critical strike dmg on your vulnerable window and the ones that reduce your trueshot you usually go Vulnerable > Trueshot Relics
Honorable mentions : Add "eye of guarm" from Trials of Valor ( Guarm boss )

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thx guys my first guide i hoped someone ll tell me what its missing ... updating

@radut why 3x aimed ? i understand with a few mobs but with 5-6+ your marked shot make more dmg ofc this depends on stats and procs
@Paul i aggre with that relics when u got reduced trueshot cd by boots and 2 set then u need to focus on vulnerable ill rephrase that section too thx for BE insight

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A very good guide for starters. Would highly recommend if you would specify that critical strike is much better for lower ilvl because it ramps faster than mastery. At about 885+ they should go for mastery instead.

Regarding the relics: I have 2 trueshot relics, that means 45 seconds reduction overall. That means 2:15 minutes cooldown. With boots, 2p + bloodlust, I manage to get another Trueshot at the end of bloodlust, which is a big dps increase ( 15% haste and troll racial )
About the other relics, it varies. If you prefer going dungeons and farm them more, the Marked Shot one might do the trick, but overall ( dungeons + raid ), critical strike on Aimed Shot is bis ( even without the belt leggy ).

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