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M4 (MatchMod for MetaMod) is software geared towards clan matches (but can very well be used outside of tournaments as well). As of now, it is just a tool using a MySQL database and a PHP web interface that takes the pain out of administring clan wars.

A 'light' version is also available, that saves you from using MySQL & web-based resources.

Without M4

Being a server admin during a LAN event is a lot of hard work : you face anywhere between 4 to 16 server consoles trying to decipher logs as they scroll by at amazing speeds.

If you are lucky you get to use some remote console tool like HLSW or AgentOrange. But you still need to chat with the players, to see whether they are ready to rumble, and restart the rounds when necessary. After the first half is over, there you go again for the second leg. Then everyone needs to swap teams, you need to sit there waiting while twiddling your thumbs and thinking of all the other great things you could be doing. At the end of the second half, you are praying there isn't a tie, and have to go for a tie breaker. And that is the story for one server. Now try having 16. I thought so. =)

With M4

You have a very simple, intuitive web interface, in which you enter the list of participating teams. Each team is assigned a number. You can then assign a match to each server on your list. For the players, you can provide a GUI (which is highly recommended) with two entries : the player's clan number, and a key binding for a specific command. For example : setinfo clan X (where X is the clan number) and a key bound to your LAN's name. While playing on public servers, you can retrieve and set your clan number with the key and the setinfo. As for during matches, see below.

Running a game

* 3 mouse clicks will get a game up and running with the web interface
* the server automatically configures itself by retrieving information from a database about the match (cvars, maps, teams) ; if you don't tell it who is starting on which team, it uses a random number generator to decide for you !
* once at least one player from each team is connected, warm ups begin
* once the warmup time (you previously defined) runs out, or once they are all ready (they may indicate this by using the M4 key), the match begins
* M4 sorts the players into teams by using the clan numbers
* two rounds restarts are called to make sure everyone is ready
* ...and the game begins
* throughout the match, the M4 key can be used to display the global score, which is also posted at the beginning and end of each round (by global, I mean the total score tally, including previous legs)
* the first half ends (m4 can run roundlimit, timelimit, co-rules and winlimit matches)
* during a little break between rounds, M4 automagically switches the teams and restarts for the second half
* the second half comes to an end
* if there is a tie, the teams will play two times 3 rounds
* the winner is entered in the database with the final score

Download:Aici (332.86 KB, 260 downloads, adaugat 29-11-2008) asigur ca greselile ortografice, ortoepice, de punctuatie, morfosintactice si folosirea inadecvata a unitatilor lexico-semantice imi apartin, mi le asum, dar la scoala sa stiti ca tot nu ma duc!

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