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LogD is a log event parsing engine. This is not unusual as there are quite a number of such programs available to let you monitor your server. LogD, however, is unique in the way it detects events on your server. The usual method of detecting events is to set up your server to send all logging information out to another computer over a log port network connection, In reality this is usually a loopback connection to the same computer. Typically there is an application that listens to the incoming log information and parses it looking for information such as kills and suicides and acting according to the rules of the program or the rules defined by the user.

How does it work
Using the power provided by the Metamod it is possible to write Metamod plugins that react to API calls on the server. LogD hooks the alert message API call and parses the string. Since Metamod is loaded between the server and the gamedll, Metamod plugins can communicate directly to the server. Therefore, there is no need to have the server forward to a log port, there is no need for a separate application to be started, and there is no need to give the program rcon access as it is capable of communicating directly with the server.

This can be a more satisfactory solution to the problem of reacting to events on the server. At the moment the DLL uses Admin Mod to take action, but this need not be the case for the future. Inspired programmers should feel free to grab the source and change it to their needs.

How does it take actions on my server without using rcon?
Provided with LogD is the source code and Windows compiled binaried for an Admin Mod plugin. When an event is detected the LogD DLL runs a command on the server that passes the information from the event to the Admin Mod plugin. The plugin acts as a dispatch centre for the information and can call other plugins or act on the information itself. This approach allows you to use the game events to trigger automated responses using all the functionality of Admin Mod. You can llama, slap, slay, kill, kick, ban for TK's and anything else you may want to perform in your script. It also allows you to creat your own script that uses the supplied data and integrate it into the LogD-Admin structure easily. Mod We felt this provided the greatest flexibility for the users.

How do i create or change an admin plugin?
The methods used to create a plugin for admin mod are covered superficially in the Admin Mod manual. Scripting in Admin Mod uses the Small scripting language which is based on the C language. If you do not have any previous programming experience (any modern language is useful.) or the patience to learn to program then do not attempt scripting. Admin Mod scripting will not be covered in this manual other than those features used and created by LogD. For help on scripting all the LogD coding team and many noted Admin Mod scripters are available in the Admin Mod Fourms.

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