Leveling 1-85 Horde

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This is a translation of: https://www.freakz.ro/forum/view-post-1528356.html?#1528356

Leveling Index

Level 1-10:

1.Fresh out of the Grave
2.The Shadow Grave
3.Simple Scroll
4.Darkhound Pounding
5.Gordo's Task

1.Your Place In The World
2.Cutting Teeth
3.Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise
4.Burning Blade Medallion

1.The Rise of the Darkspear
2.The Basics: Hitting Things
3.Breaking the Line
4.Territorial Fetish
5.No More Mercy

Blood Elf:
1.Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle
2.Completing the Delivery
3.Aiding the Outrunners
4.Major Malfunction

1.The First Step
2.Rite of Strength
3.Poison Water
4.Winterhoof Cleansing

1.Robbing hoods
2.Life Savings


Level 10-20

The Barrens

1.The Zhevra
2.Plainstrider Menace
3.Hunting the Huntress

-Nozzlepot's Outpost
4.Miner's Fortune



Level 20-40


-Splintertree Post
1.Demon Duty
2.Ashenvale Outrunners



Stonetalon Mountains

-Krom'gar Fortress
1.Ashes to Ashes
2.Enemy of the Horde: Marshal Paltrow



The Cape of Stranglethorn

-Hardwrench Hideaway
1.If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around...
2.Akiris by the Bundle

-Booty Bay
3.Stranglethorn Fever



Dustwallow Marsh

-Brackenwall Village
1.Darkmist Extermination - AC
2.The Brood of Onyxia - AC
3.The Brood of Onyxia - AC
4.Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk - AC
5.The Brood of Onyxia - AC
*Those quests have to be don in order, you don't get them all at first; 2, 3 and 5 have the same name but it's a quest that you get 3 times from 2 different npcs



Level 40-58

Eastern Plaguelands

-Light's Hope Chapel
1.Smokey and the Bandage
2.Victory From Within - AC

-Eastwall Tower
1.The Corpulent One




1.Rocket Rescue - AC
3.Seaside Salvage
4.Puddle Stomping

-Bootlegger Outpost
1.Gazer Tag
2.A Few Good Goblins



Blasted Lands

-Dreadmaul Hold
1.Ogre Combat
2.A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too

-The Dark Portal
1.Through the Dark Portal


Level 58-69


Hellfire Peninsula

-The Stair of Destiny
1.Arrival in Outland
2.Journey to Thrallmar


1.I Work... For the Horde
2.The Assassin -> A Strange Weapon
3.The Agony and the Darkness
4.The Warchief's Mandate



Terokkar Forest

-Stonebreaker Hold
1.Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know
2.What's Wrong at Cenarion Thicket

-Cenarion Thicket
3.Strange Energy
4.Clues in the Thicket - AC



-Nesingwary Safari
1.Windroc Mastery
2.Clefthoof Mastery
3.Talbuk Mastery
4.Windroc Mastery
5.Clefthoof Mastery



Level 68-80


Borean Tundra

-Warsong Hold
1.Hellscream's Champion

-Taunka'le Village
2.Patching Up
3.Shrouds of the Scourge
4.The Bad Earth


-Amber Ledge
5.Taking Wing
6.Rescuing Evanor
8.Traversing the Rift

-Transitus Shield
9.Reading the Meters - AC




-Wyrmrest Temple
1.Seeds of the Lashers

-Emerald Dragonshrine
2.Cycle of Life

-Agmar's Hammer
3.In service of Blood
4.In service of the Unholy
5.In service of Frost



-The Argent Stand
1.Gluttonous Lurkers
2.Trouble at the Altar of Sseratus
3.Too Much of a Good Thing
4.Congratulations - AC
5.The Drakkari Do Not Need Water Elementals!
6.Parachutes for the Argent Crusade

7.Plundering Their Own
8.The Frozen Earth
9.Bringing Down Heb'Jin



Sholazar Basin

-Nesingwary base camp
1.A Steak Fit for a Hunter
2.It Could Be Anywhere!
3.Venture Co. Misadventure
4.Wipe That Grin Off His Face
5.In Search of Bigger Game

-Dorian's Outpost
6.Post-partum Aggression
7.Sharpening Your Talons



Level 80-85

1. 80-81 Valhalas - Icecrown
Quests are Battle at Valhalas: Fallen Heroes, Battle at Valhalas: Khit'rix the Dark Master, Battle at Valhalas: The Return of Sigrid Iceborn, Battle at Valhalas: Carnage!, Battle at Valhalas: Thane Deathblow, Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge they start at Geirrvif - 1 and ends at Gjonner the Merciless - 1 (auto-complete).

2. 81-82 + reputation with Guardians of Hyjal - Mount Hyjal
Start with Inciting the Elements and The Earth Rises, which are close to where Stormwind to Hyjal portal gets you and start at Tholo Whitehoof - 1 - Anren Shadowseeker - 1 from Nordrassil.
After Inciting the Elements, Tholo Whitehoof gives [url=https://www.wow-freakz.com/quest_helper.php?quest=25574&name=flames-from -above]Flames from Above[/url] - 1 which is auto-complete.
Last two quests are End of the Supply Line and In the Rear With the Gear which starts atJadi Falaryn - 1, 2 from Wolf's Run.

3. 82-83 + reputation with Therazane and The Earthen Ring - Deepholm
First quests are The Earth Claims All and Blood of the Earthwarder from Seer Kormo from Temple of Earth.
Continue with Explosive Bonding Compound and Something that Burns from Initiate Goldmine - 1, 2 from Quartzite Basin.
Ending with Core of Our Troubles from Earthmender Norsala - 1, 2 and Hatred Runs Deep from Diamant the Patient - 1, 2.

4. 83-84 + reputation with Ramkahen - Uldum
We start at Ramkahen with the quest called Nahom Must Hold from King Phaoris - SS, The Gleam in his Eye from Adarrah - 1 and quests The Vizier's Vote, The High Priest's Vote, The High Commander's Vote from Prince Nadun - 1, 2, 3.
Now we go to the NPC that ends The High Priest's Vote (High Priest Amet - 1 (Entrance)), complete and take the quest Stopping the Spread - 1 which is auto-complete.
Continue with The Vizier's Vote, go to Vizier Tanotep - 1, complete and take and complete Tanotep's Son - 1.
Then complete to The High Commander's Vote - 1 and go to Salhet - 1 which ends the quest Nahom Must Hold. We complete it and take The Defense of Nahom which is auto-complete and The Cypher of Keset.
Ending with The Gleam in his Eye; we go toHarrison Jones complete and take Tailgunner - 1 which is auto-complete and I've Got This Guy - 1.

5. 84-85 + reputation with Dragonmaw Clan - Twilight Highlands
Start in Bloodgulch with the quest line A Vision of Twilight - We All Must Sacrifice - The Eyes Have It - Eye Spy from Garona Halforcen; then we take Paint it Black from Mallia, Hook 'em High from Harkkan, Drag 'em Down, Crushing the Wildhammer and Bait and Throttle from Narkrall Rakeclaw si questul War Forage from Griff.
Continue with Call in the Artillery and Four Heads are Better than None from Lady Cozwynn from Crushblow and Purple is Your Color from Rotgrum din The Gullet.
Ending with Breach in the Defenses, Encroaching Twilight from Calen and [url=https://www.wow-freakz.com/quest_helper.php?quest=27506&name=life-from -death]Life from Death[/url] from Baleflame.

- Train - you can go to train
- Mount - you can go and learn the riding skill
- Grind - kill a number of mobs to get the needed level for the next zone
- AC - the quest is auto-complete

*Inspired from WOTLK Level 1-80 Horde (XP 20x) by myt42xxx

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I don't know if this user is still active or not, but some of these quests have been fixed. I haven't gone through all of these quests; however, there is a small list below detailing which quests have been fixed in past updates:

Darkmist Extermination :: Players now need to collect all eight (8) eggs.

The Brood of Onyxia (Part 3) :: The first two parts to this trilogy are auto-complete; however, this part (the final part) isn't auto-complete.

Victory From Within :: The developers fixed the portals; therefore, players now must enter the chapel-like building and open the portals in the obligated areas to complete the quest.

Rocket Rescue :: This quest is no longer auto-complete; however, it's still bugged. Players cannot use the hot air balloon to save the NPCs. So... it's all broken.

That's all that I've tested so far. Have fun leveling!

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