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Please only post bugs regarding Halls of Valor.

If you want to confirm a bug that is already posted please just use - like - button, otherwise we will delete your post.
When reporting a bug please use the template at the end of this post.

* bugs known so far


  • [FIXED] Hymdall keeps players in combat after defeating him.
  • [PENDING] Storm Breath Not working correctly. (Should be all the lanes in quick succesion, visually seen by the drake's appearance in said lanes.)


  • [PENDING] Sanctify Orbs change direction after spawning.


  • [PENDING] The second spawn of the boss is affected by sanguine, fortified etc.
  • [PENDING] Ravenous LeapNo visual (Does not actually leap)

God-King Skovald

  • [PENDING] Players should be rooted when channeling Aegis of Aggramar.
  • [PENDING] Aegis of Aggramar VS Volcanic.


  • [PENDING] Glowing Fragment orbs change direction after spawning.
  • [PENDING] "After finishing the Dungeon you can click on the Aegis again and fight against Godking Skovald and Odyn for a second time. "


  • [PENDING] Mug of Mead mechanic doesn't work.
  • [PENDING] Valarjar Shieldmaiden - Mortal Hew Hitting behind mob.
  • [PENDING] Ebonclaw Worg - Leap for the Throat Not casting. (should work like DHT cats)
  • [PENDING] Ebonclaw Worg - Strength of the Pack Not working.
  • [PENDING] King Tor - Ancestor's Might Not working.
  • [PENDING] Steeljaw Grizzly - Crunch Armor Not casting.

WoW Freakz link:
Bug description:

When you are adding an image or a video to your report as proof please use the [spoiler] feature.

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