Frost Death Knight PvE Guide 5.4.8

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Hello, here you can discover a very detailed guide about your specialization.
We'll start with:

►Talents ◄

Red - Enhancer
Orange - Mobility
Blue - Survival
Yellow - Utility
Cyan - Crowd Control
Uncolored - Situational

If you just came here for quick advices about your talents and glyph click the next spoiler:

WAIT, you wanna create a death knight and you dont know what class to choose? click the spoiler! :)

1.0 Tiers
1.1 Tier 1 Talents

Roiling Blood causes your Blood Boil to spread the diseases.
Plague Leech eats the diseases from your target and converts two of any depleted runes into death runes.
Unholy Blight Infects the neighboring enemies up to ten yards.

What to choose? The best talent here is Plague Leech The ability to gain two death runes with such a short cooldown is very good in single target fights.
To ease up your disease spreading in aoe fights, use Unholy Blight

1.2 Tier 2 Talents

Lichborne Ability which makes you immune to Charm/ Fear/ Sleep and allows Death Coil to be casted on you.
Anti-Magic Zone Everyone who's in the bubble receives 40% less damage.
Purgatory Will allow you to survive a killing blow for another 3 seconds, time in which a healer can outheal the negative damage and lets you live to see another day, if not, you die.

What to choose? Anti-Magic Zone should be taken to if there's raid-wide damage in the script.
Take Lichborne if you want on demand self-heal that may cause you to stay alive or if you want to bypass some boss mechanics (stoping your disorientation, fear, so you can do damage like you should)
Take Purgatory if you want a passive way to make sure those pesky healers will keep you allive, but the boss your about to encounter doesn't have raid wide damage or a way to stop you doing dps that can be countered with Lichborne

1.3 Tier 3 Talents

Death's Advance Permanently increases your movement speed by 10% and gives you the ability to get 30% bonus of movement speed for 6 seconds with a 30 seconds cooldown.
Chilblains Very situational, slows enemies strucked by Frost Fever and immobilizes targets hit by chains of ice for 3 seconds.
Asphyxiate Situational, stuns target for 5 seconds with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

What to choose? I recommend overall usage of Death's Advance and switch to Chilblains if there's adds you want to slow.

1.4 Tier 4 Talents

Death Pact Sacrifices 50% of maximum health from your ghoul to heal you 50% of your maximum health.
Death Siphon One death rune, deals some shadowfrost damage to your enemy, healing you of 150% of damage done.
Conversion Toggling this ability costs 5 runic power, and keeping it on costs 5 runic power a second, gaining 3% of your health per second.

What to choose? Death Pact, it has the highest amount of healing with no resource cost, thus not substracting from your dps.

1.5 Tier 5 Talents

Blood Tap Each Death Coil and Frost Strike gives you 2 Blood charges, and when you have 5 charges, you can use this ability to convert one fully depleted rune into a restored death rune.
Runic Empowerment Passive chance of 45% when you hit with Death Coil or Frost Strike to restore a fully depleted rune to a death rune.
Runic Corruption Passive chance of 45% percent when you hit with Death Coil or Frost Strike to gain Corruption, increasing your rune regeneration for 100% for 3 seconds.

What to choose? Blood Tap is the best choice for both dual-wielding and two-handed.
Runic Empowerment being the next choice if you don't want managing charges, but outputs a bit less dps.

1.6 Tier 6 Talents

Gorefiend's Grasp Casts a buff on the target, pulling all your enemies to the target.
Remorseless Winter Slows nearby enemies 15% of moving speed per second, if slowed five times, targets are stunned for 6 seconds.
Desecrated Ground Creates a circle around you, in which your immune to loss of character spells.

What to choose? Really depends on your preferences, Remorseless Winter seems the most useful as you can make trash mobs do no damage for a few seconds.

2.0 Glyphs

The thing with glyphs nowadays, is that they are very preference based, and aren't game changers.

2.1 Major

Shifting Presences Saves up to 70% of your runic power when you change presence, you never change presence, only when you need unholy to move a bit faster between bosses and blood to benefit of survivability.
Regenerative Magic While in the Anti-Magic Shell you gain runic power of the damage it aborbs, if the shell expires, based on the remaining absorbtion, it's cooldown it's reduced, using the AMS more > more runic > more DPS.
Icebound Fortitude With this glyph you can use Fortitude more often, for less time. In most raids you wanna defend against huge spikes of damage not against pressure.

2.2 Minor

Army of The Dead your minions no longer taunts their target.
Tranquil Grip Your Death Grip no longer taunts the target.

3.0 Rotation/ Priority

This patch, frost death knight is always played in Frost Presence
There are two ways of playing the frost specialization, their priorities differ a bit, here it is:

3.1 Dual Wielding

Click the

3.2 Two Handed

The two-handed priority system is more obliterate dependent.
Click the

This system is based on your choice of Blood Tap in the talents.
A summary, you Outbreak them, then you hit them with Obliterate, and with the generated runic you hit them with Frost Strike, hit them with Howling Blast if it Rimes or if your Frost Fever expired. Hit them with Plague Strike if Blood Plague is about to expire.
If you observe that your gameplay is too slow and you have a lot of downtime, with no action to play, it seems you forgot about Blood Taps

3.3 AOE priorities

This is good for both styles of play.

▼ Use Howling Blast when you can. It inflicts Frost Fever to every enemy in 10 yards.
▼ Use Death and Decay
▼ Use Plague Strike if both unholy runes are up.
▼ Use Frost Strike so you don't reach full runic power.
▼ Use Pestilence on your Blood Plague afflicted target to spread the disease.
- or use Unholy Blight if you chose it
- if all targets are infected with blood plague, Pestilence will only be used again after Plagues have expired and you want to spread them again

3.4 Burst

Pillar Of Frost 20% strength for 20 seconds with a 1 minute cooldown, you should use this everytime it's ready.
Empower Rune Weapon Refreshes all your runes and gives you 25 runic power. Once every five minutes. That means you can do a short burst at the start of the fight, and then having it ready by the time your raid will use Time Warp/ Bloodlust/ Heroism
Army of the Dead The Ghouls it summons scale up with your stats, before you pop this up, use your trinket, Pillar Of Frost, and any potions you might have.
Raise Dead You get a ghoul like your Unholy friend, that leaves you after a minute. Two minutes Cooldown, that means half the fight he should be with you. Scales up with your stats, summon him after you cast Pillar Of Frost.
Anti-Magic Shell "defensive cd for burst wtf" Remember, the shell gives you runic power when it absorbs damage, that means more Frost Strikes, and it also protects you, you can sync this up with some damaging abilities from the boss.

4.0 Stats/Reforging/Gems/Enchants

You just have to reforge from haste, crit, mastery to make sure you have the required Hit and Expertize

4.1 Dual-Wielding

Strength - most needed, gives you attack power
Expertize 7.5% - makes sure the boss won't dodge your attacks.
Hit Rating 7.5% - is enough that your special attacks won't miss. (if you want that your autoattacks would never miss on raid bosses, 26.5% rating is needed, because, you are dual-wielding)
Mastery Frozen Heart, increases your Frost damage.
Critical Strike Rating We want to exclude as much as we can the RNG from our DPS
Haste More haste, you will autoattack more often, that means there would be a larger amount of Killing Machine


Meta: Reverberating Primal Diamond
Red: You don't have the necessary Hit/Expertise ? Precise Primordial Ruby
You have the necessary Hit/Expertise? Skillful Vermilion Onyx
Yellow: Fractured Sun's Radiance
Blue: Sensei's Wild Jade

4.2 Two Handed

Strength - most needed, gives you attack power
Expertize 7.5% - makes sure the boss won't dodge your attacks.
Hit Rating 7.5% - is enough that your special attacks won't miss.
Critical Strike Rating or Mastery - the professional way, would be mastery, because Crit is RNG.
Haste The last stat, not too much of a use. rune regeneration and larger attack speed


Meta: Reverberating Primal Diamond
Red: Skillful Vermilion Onyx
Yellow: Fractured Sun's Radiance
Blue: Sensei's Wild Jade

4.3 Enchants

Head: Greater Tiger Fang Inscription/ Tiger Fang Inscription (way cheaper)
Back: Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike
Chest: Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
Wrist: Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Strength
Hands: Enchant Gloves - Super Strength
Waist: Living Steel Belt Buckle]
Legs: Angerhide Leg Armor / Brutal Leg Armor (way cheaper)
Feet: Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step

Rune of the Fallen Crusader - MAIN hand
Rune Of Razorice - offhand

Two Handed: Rune of the Fallen Crusader

Astept critici, sfaturi, corectari, realizez ca nu e un ghid complet si nici macar unul 100% autentic, m-am inspirat din numeroasele ghiduri de pe acest site, din multe cautari pe google ca sa obtin un unghi de observatie asupra clasei cat mai putin partinit. Death Knight-ul nu e doar obliterate spam si am facut acest guide ca sa am unde arata cu degetul cand oricine altcineva ma intreaba "cum joc dk". nu are nici macar un ghid PVE de Frost, si m-am gandit ca dupa mai multe imbunatatiri pe care am sa le adaug in timp poate isi castiga locul pe acolo.

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nice guide
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Nice Guide ! Thanks
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Nice Guide!
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