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I'm playing on the server for a long time, one of my favourite things is doing pet battles. It's really cool and funny. However I notice something a bit unfair. You see, you can Donate for upgrading your pet to Epic quality. This is nice option and I like it, but there is a problem, this is not blizzlike. Players on blizzard servers have no way of using Epic pets, max quality is Rare (proof: ).

So you want to delete this?
Of course I understand lowering all player pets to Rare now and disabling an option in shop is not possible, so I'm not asking for this. My suggestion is to allow players to buy "Immaculate Battle-Stone" ( for Pet Charms. Item was never used by blizzard, but exists and allows to upgrade pets to Epic quality. This way donating players will keep their pets Epic, but also not-donating players will have an option to upgrade pets to Epic. I think one of pet vendors in New Dalaran will be perfect for selling this. About price, I think 50 Pet Charms will be a fair price.

But Pieczy, this is not blizzlike.
Yes, this is not blizzlike solution, but so are Epic quality pets for players. Right now updating pet to Epic quality gives you an advantage in pet battles, which normal players can't obtain in normal way. Of course you can still win against those players, I did it several times (without Boneshard, which is topic for another post), but against mirror match you have no chance of winning, because of this advantage. I know pet battles are not too balanced (blizzard fault), but don't make this even more unbalanced. Allow players to have equal chances.

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