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Announcements from Shocker
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 No new posts  Welcome !
Welcome to our 'freak' community ! For a better socialization, you can start by telling us what sort of freak you are.
2633 64113 24-04-2014, 22:45:29
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 No new posts  TeamSpeak channels / subdomain requests subdomains and permanent channels on
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 No new posts  Opinions and suggestions
You don't like something? What? Any opinion / suggestion is welcome regarding everything about
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Freakz CS Servers (33 servers online, 38 players online) [Normal]
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 1/32
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 1/32
Harta: fy_pool_day    Slots: 14/32
Harta: awp_bycastor32    Slots: 0/32 [War3ft+Respawn]
Harta: fy_dinoiceworld    Slots: 1/32 [GunGamel]
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 0/32 [Zombie]
Harta: zm_cross    Slots: 0/32 [Zombie]
Harta: zm_azomb    Slots: 0/32
Harta: zm_azomb    Slots: 0/32 [Zombie]
Harta: zs_culvert    Slots: 0/32 [Respawn]
Harta: de_dust    Slots: 0/32 [Normal]
Harta: de_stacja    Slots: 0/32 [War3ft+Respawn]
Harta: de_cliff    Slots: 0/22
Harta: zm_202    Slots: 0/22 [Zombie]
Offline [JailBreak]
Harta: jail_assault    Slots: 0/32
Harta: fy_dustworld    Slots: 2/32 [Normal]
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 0/22 [Zombie]
Harta: zm_dust2_plague    Slots: 0/32
Harta: zm_x2    Slots: 0/32 [Respawn]
Harta: de_inferno    Slots: 0/32
Harta: zm_snowbase    Slots: 0/32
 [RuneMod + Respawn]
Harta: cstrike    Slots: 2/32
Harta: de_inferno    Slots: 2/32
Harta: as_oilrig    Slots: 0/18
Harta: fy_cluj    Slots: 0/32 [UWC3]
Harta: de_dust    Slots: 0/22 [Normal]
Harta: de_dust2    Slots: 0/32 [JailBreak]
Offline [Normal]
Offline [War3ft+Respawn]
Offline [Normal]
Harta: de_inferno    Slots: 0/24 [DeathRun+Respawn]
Harta: deathrun_dust201...    Slots: 0/28
Offline [Zombie]
Harta: cstrike    Slots: 15/20
Offline [PaintBall]
Harta: de_dust    Slots: 0/32 [Hide N Seek]
Harta: fy_snow    Slots: 0/32
Harta: cs_militia    Slots: 0/32  
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Realms status: Genesis (60 players), Exodus (106 players)
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 No new posts  Bug Report
In-game bugs? Post them here
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 No new posts  Ban Request
Did you find anyone swearing? Using hacks / exploits? Post him/her here!
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 No new posts  Guilds GENESIS
Looking for a guild on Genesis Realm? Already have a guild but looking for more members? Post it here.
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 No new posts  Guilds EXODUS
Looking for a guild on Exodus Realm? Already have a guild but looking for more members? Post it here.
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 No new posts  General Chat
Any discussion related to
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 No new posts  Class-related discussion
Discuss everything about your class
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 No new posts  Tutorials / guides made by forum users
Various tutorials / guides made by forum users to help those who can't handle Cataclysm. Anyone can contribute.
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 No new posts  ENGLISH ZONE
A place for english-only discussions
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GTA Servers  
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 No new posts  Factiuni

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Other Servers  
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 No new posts  Freakz Cup
Counter-Strike 1.6 Football
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Media stuff.
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Omul si societatea, arta si cultura, timpul liber  
 No new posts  Graphics / Design
Discussion about Graphics / Design.
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Everything about music.
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Everything about movies.
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 No new posts  Fashion corner
Trends, accesories, fraises, glasses, necklaces, bling-blings, dots and other stuff
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Need help on your homework? Maybe we can help
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 No new posts  In the kitchen
Everything about food and recipes
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 No new posts  Health care
Discussion about medical problems, illness, treatment, symptoms, etc.
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Football, Handball, Basketball, Ski, Formula 1, K1, MMA, UFC, Kickboxing, Sumo, WWE
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Everything about electronic sports aka professional gaming
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 No new posts  eBets
You love online sports betting and you would like to share your "passion" with other Freakz members ? Do it here.
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 No new posts  Photo Gallery
This is the place where you can expose your photographs (Whether taken by yourself, whether seen on a website)
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You can talk about everything here.
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 No new posts  Games
About computer games: What do you play, what do you like, why, etc.
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News from any domain.
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 No new posts  IT
Everything about IT
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Trashed topics
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